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Privacy policy


Your connection to this website is encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS). This makes it impossible for eavesdroppers to read or interfere with your communications with this website.

I recommend also using private DNS to resolve domain names, such as DNS over HTTPS or DNS over TLS. Nameservers supporting these protocols include by CloudFlare.

Data collection

I don’t ask for any of your personal data. There is no facility to register a user account on this website, and there are no forms for you to fill in.

Like all websites, some information may be stored in my server logs regarding your visit to this website. This does not identify you personally, and is stored securely on a virtual private server hosted by DigitalOcean.

Aggregate information may be collected for analytics purposes, but cannot be used to identify you personally. See the Analytics section for more information.


I may store first-party cookies on your device for the purpose of server security. This cookie should appear as __cfduid, and is provided by CloudFlare. This cookie is necessary for server security. This cookie consists of a one-way hash of certain values and cannot be used to personally identify you. It provides no capability for cross-site tracking. For more information, see:

A cookie may also be used to store your stylesheet preference. This cookie is called style and contains your chosen stylesheet, if you choose to use the links in the page footer to change between the Default and Accessible stylesheets. This cookie does not identify you personally and cannot be used to track you. This cookie is provided purely for your convenience and will not be set unless you choose a stylesheet. No cookie will be set if you use your browser’s built-in stylesheet selector.

Other cookies may be stored by the following trusted partners. Links to their cookie policies are provided below.

You can probably disable cookies on a per-site basis in your browser settings. See your browser’s help pages for information on how to do this. You can also delete cookies at any time.


Google Analytics provide web analytics on this website. This consists of aggregate data, and does not allow me to identify you personally. This information is stored on Google’s servers. See Google’s privacy policy for more information.

The Google Analytics code will not be loaded if your browser sends a Do Not Track (DNT) header. You can probably enable this in your browser’s settings. See the Opting Out section for more information.

Opting Out

You can opt out of cookies by disabling them for this website — or for all websites — in your browser settings. Existing cookies can be deleted in your browser, probably near where your history is stored. You could also choose to browse in Private/Incognito mode.

You can opt out of analytics by sending the Do Not Track (DNT) header with your HTTPS request. You can probably enable this in your browser’s settings.

You can disable embedded widgets such as Disqus comments and Twitter timelines by disabling JavaScript in your browser. This prevents these companies from tracking you. Where it is reasonable to do so, an appropriate fallback will be provided.

These opt-out mechanisms are simple, standardised, and provide fine-grained control across multiple websites. I consider this superior to the deliberately difficult, confusing, and non-standard mechanisms provided by most websites in the name of GDPR compliance.


I reside in the United Kingdom. My server is hosted in the United Kingdom by DigitalOcean, a company based in New York, United States.

I am proudly based in the European Union — for now.

Every effort has been made to comply with UK and EU law.

Transparency Report

  • I have never received any request for personal information regarding any visitor to this website from a government or law enforcement agency.
  • I have never been enjoined or otherwise legally prevented from publishing any material on this website.

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Updates and Queries

This policy was last updated in commit dff4bf8 on 11 April 2019. All changes to this privacy policy will be recorded in the commit history of the GitHub repository associated with this website.

If you have any queries, contact or use one of the other contact media listed on the Contact page.