George Watson

# Interdisciplinary scientist at the physics–biology interface

George Watson,
  a devilishly handsome young man
  with rectangular, dark-framed glasses
  and a head of luscious brown curls,
  sits in his office.
  He looks like someone you'd take home to meet your mother.

Qualifications, memberships, & awards

George D. Watson MPhys (Hons) Ebor., MInstP

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Physics
    University of York • 2017–2020 (expected)
    Supervisors: Agnes Noy, Mark Leake
  • MPhys (Hons) Theoretical Physics (with first-class honours)
    University of York • 2013–2017
    Dissertation: “Probing DNA intercalation through targeted molecular dynamics simulation of ellipticine and anthracene-derived ligands”
    Supervisor: Robert Greenall


  • Member, Institute of Physics (MInstP)


  • Nominated: Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year, Physics Awards 2019
    University of York • 1 May 2019
  • Nominated: Postgraduate Makes a Difference, Physics Awards 2019
    University of York • 1 May 2019
  • Best Talk, Physics Postgraduate Conference 2018
    University of York • 21 September 2018 (Institute of Physics-sponsored prize)



  • Physics Postgraduate Conference 2018
    University of York • 21 September 2018
    “Molecular dynamics simulation of supercoiled DNA minicircles”
    Winner: Best Talk
  • Regular Physics of Life Group & Biological Physics Group meetings
    University of York • 2018–

Poster presentations



  • BPSI Summer Symposium 2018: Business as Usual?
    University of York • 28 June 2018
    “The influence of DNA topology on IHF–DNA interaction unveiled by atomic simulations”
  • BPSI Spring Symposium 2018: Digital Healthcare
    University of York • 28 June 2018
    “Atomistic simulation of DNA supercoiling”

Other conferences attended


  • Advanced Computational Laboratory (practical demonstration)
    University of York • 2018–2019
    Supervised, guided, and assisted students developing various programs for physical simulation, in a variety of languages including Fortran, during third-year computational laboratory; led an experiment in single-particle plasma simulation, which included giving a short introductory lecture
  • Molecular Simulation (practical demonstration)
    University of York • 2018
    Provided support and assistance to third-year students during molecular dynamics workshop sessions


  • York Researchers’ Night (YorNight)
    University of York • November 2018
    “Meet Your Molecules in VR”
    Performed interactive virtual reality demonstrations of biological molecules and 3D visualisation techniques in biophysics to members of the public of various ages and backgrounds at a well attended event