George Watson

# Interdisciplinary scientist at the physics–biology interface


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Why I'm leaving academia

I love science. I love the academic environment and I love the work I do. I even think I’m quite good at it. But I’m leaving – I’m taking my PhD and heading to pastures new in the big, scary outside world, and I’d like to share my reasons.

I recently encountered the surprisingly difficult task of processing a PDB file in Python. While reading fixed-width files is relatively trivial in certain old-fashioned languages with support for complex format statements, like my beloved Fortran, Python makes it less simple. Given the myriad record types that frequently appear in such files, doing this processing on an ad-hoc basis seems like a terrible idea. Thankfully, the fields in these records lend themselves nicely to implementation as objects, so I went ahead and did just that.

I will be attending the Institute of Physics “Physics of Microorganisms II” conference in London on Monday, with my poster entitled “Atomistic simulations unveil the influence of DNA topology on IHF–DNA interaction”.